Pathway to Residency and How to Increase your Chances by Kaplan

Kaplan Medical is the world leader in USMLE® preparation and have helped thousands of medical students and doctors on their pathway to successfully Matching in the United States!

Kaplan Medical is holding a FREE Event regarding the “Pathway to Residency and How to Increase your Chances”

In addition, there is a Q&A Session with Dr. Ricardo Correa and a Kaplan Academic Advisor!

Dr. Ricardo Correa

Dr. Ricardo Correa is a former Kaplan Medical Alumni. He graduated from the Universidad de Panama Medical School. He completed a residency in internal medicine at Jackson Memorial Hospital (Miami, Fl) and a fellowship in Endocrinology at National Institute of Health (Bethesda, Md). Currently, he works in East Providence, RI, and specializes in Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism. Dr. Correa Marquez is affiliated with Rhode Island Hospital and The Miriam Hospital.

If you are interested in joining, do choose the best time that meets your schedule.

1) Malaysia, Phillipines, Singapore-Nugrahan
a) Wednesday, September 6th – 8PM Kuala Lumpur
b) Thursday, September 7th – 1AM Kuala Lumpur
c) Thursday, September 7th – 8AM Kuala Lumpur

2) Indonesia-Eduxpert
a) Wednesday, September 6th – 7PM Jakarta
b) Thursday, September 7th – 12AM Jakarta
c) Thursday, September 7th – 7AM Jakarta

3) Japan-Shane
a) Wednesday, September 6th – 9PM Tokyo
b) Thursday, September 7th – 2AM Tokyo
c) Thursday, September 7th – 9AM Tokyo

4) China-B.U.G
a) Wednesday, September 6th – 8PM Beijing
b) Thursday, September 7th – 1AM Beijing
c) Thursday, September 7th – 8AM Beijing