Call for Delegation – 68th Session of the Regional Committee for the Western Pacific

On behalf of the World Health Organization of the Western Pacific Regional Office, we are delighted to inform you that AMSA members are given the opportunity to attend the 68th Session of the WHO Regional Committee for the Western Pacific with the Observer status. The event is scheduled to take place in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia on 9-13 October. As observers of this event, AMSA delegates would be issued a “public badge” and will be able to view the proceedings from the designated viewing area. Please note that AMSA would be unable to provide allowance for accommodation and travel, hence costs would be shouldered by the participants.

Attached HERE is the information booklet from the WHO website for more details about this event.

For interested AMSA members, please send our Liaison Officer to WHO an e-mail at lowho@amsa-international.org containing your name and home chapter and kindly register HERE BEFORE September 20, 2017, 3 PM GMT+8:00 We are looking forward to meeting you there! Thank you very much!