About Us

The Asian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) International is a peak representative organisation for medical students from across Asia, the Asia-Pacific and beyond. We gather future healers from 17 Full Members, 2 Associate Members and 8 Observer Members, to be academically-competent, initiative-driven, and socially ethical.




About Us

The Asian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) International is a peak representative organisation for medical students from across Asia, the Asia-Pacific and beyond. We gather future healers from 17 Full Members, 2 Associate Members and 8 Observer Members, to be academically-competent, initiative-driven, and socially ethical.



We promote scientific and medical activities to increase and expand our knowledge whilst training to become the medical professionals of the future.



As medical students, we are concerned for the community around us and endeavour to do things for the benefit and improvement of our fellow citizens.


As future doctors, we aim to build and maintain a good relationship among our colleagues of the Asia-Pacific and beyond.


Asian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) International is a peak representative organisation for medical students from across Asia, the Asia-Pacific, and beyond. AMSA has trained future doctors-to-be to share knowledge, undertake activities and social services and create international friendships.

AMSA International was officially founded at the sixth Asian Medical Students’ Conference (AMSC), which was held at Manila, the Philippines in 1985. Enthusiastic AMSA members from nine different nations – Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand, gathered at the conference and founded the prestigious international organisation. The member nations increased gradually as the founding members of AMSA inspired neighbouring countries with its admirable vision.

Today, AMSA International has grown into a dynamic student-led, not-for-profit, non-political organisation. With members and friends spanning the globe, AMSA International has branched and introduced many exciting subsidiaries and
activities to be undertaken regionally and nationally within the member nations. With our amazing partners and sponsors, we are able to have inter-organisational collaborations of academic, sociocultural and public health coverage, not to forget the exchange projects that have managed to foster trans-continental long-lasting friendships.

Our Objectives

To promote understanding in medical and health problems, as well as to share experiences in solving them.

To uphold humanitarian ideals and medical ethics.

To promote the interest and welfare of medical students in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

To foster unity and promote profound interpersonal relationships amongst its Members.

To encourage cooperation among future doctors in the Asia‐Pacific region and beyond.

Chairperson's Address

Dear People of Tomorrow,

It is the 35th anniversary of AMSA International and I am honoured to be elected as the Overall Chairperson of AMSA International Tenure 2020/2021.For decades, AMSA has committed to be an inspiring nest for knowledge cultivation, a prestigious home for momentous actions and a strong network for abiding friendships. I myself have experienced them all. The sweet nature of AMSA has driven me to contribute and serve in AMSA locally, nationally and internationally. Being able to lead medical students across Asia-Pacific and beyond is the greatest gift of 2020. It became better when I got to know my brilliant crew – the fresh and enthusiastic amazing souls. I am so blessed and grateful for them. Unequivocally, the year 2020 is difficult for many with the COVID-19 pandemic, but the Executive Committee has pledged to overcome the uncertainties at stake for each of our members from 30 different chapters (2020). This tenure, we aim to empower each of our members with new extensive heights through Knowledge, Action and Friendship. AMSA will be born anew with an established identity and branding.

The members of AMSA International serve as the foundation and pillar of AMSA. We are very blessed for each of your presence. Your enthusiasm and passion have inspired us to bring AMSA to greater heights. Therefore, I hereby AMSA International Tenure 2020/2021, promise to lead AMSA and her members to extensive heights this tenure.

Together, we overcome the pandemic; Together, for a greater AMSA.

If you are interested in being a partner of AMSA or embarking on an AMSA-ful journey with us, feel free to reach out to me (chair@amsa-international) or Jun (secretary@amsa-international.org). For further contact details, please refer to the list of email addresses under the Contact Us tab of our website.

Stay safe and tuned to AMSA
Thank you

Marjorie Ong Jia Yi,
Overall Chairperson
AMSA International 2020/2021.

AMSA International Executive Committee 2020/2021

Senior Management

Marjorie Ong Jia Yi

Overall Chairperson


Marjorie is a fourth year medical student of The National University of Malaysia, from Penang, Malaysia. The Overall Chairperson of AMSA International 2020/2021.
She was born at the Pearl of the Orient. Though to much surprise, she does not carry much of an oriental character. A chameleon is by far the best spiritual reptile to describe her character as a whole – innovative and ambitious, yet assertive.
Born and raised of mixed heritage, she is always curious and attracted to the different cultures of Asia, and the other parts of the world. She can converse in various Asian languages and possess multiple artistic secrets that are yet to be unfolded. She is indeed a qualified individual to lead AMSA International
Clinically and academically, she has contributed in many writing works for various local industries – healthcare, governance and tourism. She has always loved writing and is grateful to be appointed as content providers to many writing projects of her country since 2015. 
Her past working experiences have efficiently helped her rebrand the AMSEP subsidiary through her national service as National DoAMSEP of AMSA Malaysia Tenure 2018/2019 and international service as DoAMSEP of AMSA International Tenure 2019/2020. Being elected as the OC of AMSA International, she hopes to make AMSA greater with the enhancement of legislative documents, identity and structure. 




Samarvir Jain

Vice Overall Chairperson Internal
Samarvir's bio

My name is Samarvir Jain, Vice Overall Chairperson (Internal) for AMSA International 2020/21. I am Pre-Final  Medical Student studying at Dayanand Medical College, Ludhiana.

I am also holding the post of Director of IT  at AMSA India. Vector Designing is my passion. I was also a part of design team at EAMSC 2020, India. In my free time, designing and coding are the subjects i love to do. I usually find excuses to play Badminton, Table tennis. I am fond of reading and travelling.

Dedicated to AMSA!!!

Wave me at  vicechairinternal@amsa-international.org.


Vellia Justian

Vice Overall Chairperson External
Vellia's bio

Vellia is currently a fourth-year medical student of Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia. She is the Vice Overall Chairperson (External) of AMSA International 2020/2021.


Passionate in social services and organisational activities, she was an active member of Public Relations and Social Services division in her AMSA-University before working as the Chapter Representative for Indonesia in J-AMSA Editorial Board and later as the Liaison Officer to Medical Students’ Organisations.


Throughout her journey in AMSA, from local to international level, she has participated in and led various events, spanning the gamut from exchange programmes, conferences, to social projects, and training programmes. This is where she found her in-depth interest in developing connections with new people from various backgrounds and cultures. She also believes in the power of collaboration between medical students and various stakeholders in creating meaningful impacts on the community. All of those experiences and opportunities provided by AMSA has motivated her to dedicate herself to AMSA International as the Vice Overall Chairperson (External), hoping to strengthen AMSA International as an organisation through external collaborations, as well as for its members to grow and actualise their potentials from the opportunities ignited.


Beyond her AMSA and medical journey, she has recently discovered a new interest in writing and is currently creating contents to raise awareness about mental health. She adores her dogs, Sushi and Kimchi, back at home and she is always down for culinary adventures.


Don’t hesitate to buzz her if you have any questions or ideas, health-related or not, as she’s open to any discussions.


Junjungan Nimasratu Rahmatsani

General Secretary
Jun's bio

Junjungan, or Jun for short, is a fourth-year medical student in Universitas Airlangga, Indonesia. Throughout her four years in university, she has been a part of AMSA since day one, and AMSA has always been a part of her as well. Her journey began as a Newbie, to being a Local AMSEP Officer, to being chosen as the National Director of AMSEP, and now to being elected as the General Secretary of AMSA International.

Jun is known to be bubbly and critical, and thoroughly enjoys secretarial and clerical work. In her free time, she loves spending time in the kitchen to cook or bake.


Jonez Roring

General Treasurer
Jonez's bio

Jonez was born in in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta on the 1st of August 1999. He is currently a third year medical student from Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia batch of 2017. He has been part of AMSA-UI since 2018 and is currently an active member in the Public Relations and Social Service division in AMSA-UI. Spending most of his childhood outside Asia, Jonez is familiar with a variety of cultures. He grew up in New Hampshire, USA in a multicultural neighbourhood. Being in company with other people is something Jonez enjoys. Ever since he was young, he finds pleasure being exposed to different backgrounds and ethnics as sharing different opinions and insights is something that interests him. Jonez has extensive experience with interacting with other people as well as he has attended multiple conferences. The scale of the conferences Jonez has attended vary from domestic to international. It has been said that making connections with others is Jonez’s forte. He possesses a friendly personality that is inviting for anyone who approaches him. Now, Jonez currently lives in a suburb close to the Jakarta called Depok where his campus is located. He spends most of his leisure time watching American sports and TV series. Another thing that occupies his free time is playing online games.


Internal Department


Tasnim Shahriar

Tasnim Shahriar

Director of Information Technology
Tasnim's Bio

Tasnim Shahriar is a 5th year medical student from Khulna Medical College,Bangladesh. Who loves to travel the world and is very much passionate about IT stuffs. 




Adeela Sandria Fitri Aini

Chief Editor of Newsletter
Adeela's Bio

Born and raised in Indonesia, Adeela is a 4th year medical student who is highly passionate in graphic
design and acting. She is known for her cheerful and friendly attitude toward others. A strong-willed
person, she believes that no matter how hard life gets, there will always be an opportunity to overcome
any challenge and find the solution.


Jeremy Rafael Tandaju

Director of Academics
Jeremy's Bio

Jeremy is a fifth year medical student in Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia, practicing in Cipto Mangunkusumo National Central Hospital. He is formerly director of academics AMSA-Universitas Indonesia and academic team of AMSA-Indonesia. Besides his interest in academic writing and research, Jeremy loves jazz music and keen on playing musical instruments, especially piano and currently being part of his batch’s band. Jeremy also active in one of the nationwide medical news agency “Media Aesculapius” as finance and promotion team and sometime writes article for both practitioners and communities.


Oshin Puri

Chief Editor of JAMSA
Oshin's Bio

This is Oshin Puri, second professional medical undergraduate studying at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Rishikesh and the Chief Editor of the Journal of Asian Medical Students’ Association [JAMSA] at AMSA: International 2020-21. He aspires  to be a proficient healthcare professional and aims at exploring and employing the vast subject of surgery to provide exceptional service to mankind in years to come. Besides this he is fascinated by the enticing world of research which he wishes to explore, unveiling the concealed truths of neurosciences. Publication in a renowned journal is an inseparable component of research and thus, he shall use his experience in this field to make JAMSA, one of the very few indexed international student lead research journals, a platform for the AMSA family to gain recognition for their research work


Intermediary Department


Daniell Edward Raharjo

Dir. of Publications & Promotions
Daniell's bio

When not binging on Netflix shows or Youtube videos, Daniell Edward Raharjo is renowned for his
passion in graphic design. Designing posters and Instagram posts have become much like a routine for this
budding, doctor-to-be. He finds art and design as a special way to apply his time outside of medicine while in
the midst of a hectic medical school life. Aspiring to give AMSA International as fresh new face, he decided
to take the role as Director of Publication and Promotion—enabling him to reinvent AMSA International’s
identity as a non-governmental organization.

Peering back in time, his journey in AMSA had officially begun since his second year of medical
school in Universitas Indonesia, during which he took roles as the Director of Finance in his local university,
became part of the National Research Team in AMSA-Indonesia, and contributed as one of the members of
the eNewsletter Editorial Board—his first glance of AMSA International. Last year, he took greater
responsibility as the Director of Academics as another outlet of his interests in academia. Now in his fourth
year, his passion in AMSA International has pushed him to continue his path in AMSA International as the
Director of Publication and Promotion.

Furthermore, wedged between his tight schedule between organizations and competitions, he takes
pleasure in what everybody else does: watching movies and TV shows, chilling to mellow music, and lounging
around on the bed before inadvertently falling asleep. Among his hobbies, he takes special interest in drawing
(which you would find him doing any time during a mundane lecture), graphic design, as well as skating—
whether on ice or wheels.


Nathan So

Dir. of Publications & Promotions
Nathan's bio

My name is Nathan So, Director of Publications and Promotions of AMSA International 2020-21. I’m currently in my final year of Pre-clinical studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Previously, I held the post of director of Media and Publications in AMSA International, as well as working in a administrative capacity assisting in organising our flagship programs, MedStart and MedBridge.

In my free time, I play basketball and video games, and my passions are in photography and videography.

I’m excited to see what this opportunity to be a part of AMSA International might bring, and look forward to working with you as a DoPnP.


Muhammad Maulana Wildani

Dir. of Membership & Development
Muhammad's bio

Maulana is a fourth-year medical student from Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia. Before joining AMSA International, he was an active member of AMSEP Division in AMSA-Universitas Indonesia. Throughout his journey in AMSA, Maulana has participated in various events, from local to international. He is very passionate in connecting with people from various backgrounds, which became his motivation to actively participate in AMSA activities. He believes that AMSA is an organization which has a huge potential to connect medical students throughout the globe and provide chances to share common interests with other medical students. Therefore, he applied as Director of Membership AMSA International to share that vision and together actualize it in AMSA.


Katrina Ysabelle Bolaños

Dir. of Membership & Development
Kat's bio

Kat is a 4th year medical student from the University of the Philippines College of Medicine.
She has a passion for people and a heart for leadership, as a member of several organizations ranging from public health, advocacy, choir production, student publication, education, and community service.
Her interests include organizing and styling, planning events, travelling, and reading.
On her free time, she’s out with her friends,  always looking for new food and experiences to try.
Open-minded, witty, with a cheerful disposition, she’s definitely someone you can have great conversations with.


External Department


Cher Pin So

Director of Marketing & Sponsorship
Cher's bio

I am born and raised in Malaysia, currently 4 th year medical student from University of Glasgow, UK. Nothing can make me happier than travelling, meeting new people and making a positive impact on society, which is where my passion for AMSA came from.
Being able to exchange ideas and knowledge with people from different cultural, ethnic, racial and socioeconomic background always keep me inspired and motivated. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or any interesting ideas that
you would like to share with us!


Davyna Abysha Gunasegharan

Director of AMSEP
Davyna's bio

Davyna Abysha, currently a third-year medical student, is the Director of Asian Medical Students’ Exchange Programme (AMSEP) International. Originating from a country that’s known for its ethnic diversity, beautiful Malaysia, Davyna strongly believes that AMSEP should be as diverse as well – by encouraging various nations across the Asian region to be a part of the most anticipated exchange programmes. This year, with 18 AMSA Chapters participating in AMSEP, Davyna hopes to bring AMSEP to greater heights by expanding the circle and getting more chapters to be a part of the AMSEP family. All physical exchanges have been put to halt in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, she works hard with her team of National AMSEP Directors to ensure the best out of the virtual exchanges held within AMSA and with other medical student organisations such as the European Medical Students’ Association (EMSA) and the Federation of African Medical Students’ Association (FAMSA). Being a steadfast and strong-willed individual, Davyna has implemented several improvements to her university’s AMSA board. These improvements include publishing a local AMSA Guidebook in hopes to provide efficient training to the local AMSA board’s successors.

Apart from being medically-engaging in academics, Davyna’s personal hobby revolves around writing and journaling. To date, she has written in opinionated articles and has gotten some of her work published nationally. As she is an untiring advocate for education equity, Davyna is also a volunteering teacher who aspires to empower young children by providing structured and

sustainable reading programmes through a national organisation. Otherwise, Davyna enjoys impromptu coffee sessions with good company and wishes to venture into photography someday.

Meanwhile, just like everyone else, Davyna is strongly hoping for the global health situation to improve to sustain the nature of AMSEP in being held physically. Above all, she hopes that everyone is coping well amid the pandemic and mentions that she’s always down for a conversation!    


Khushman Kaur Bhullar

Director of Public Health
Khushman's bio

Khushman Kaur Bhullar, more affectionately known as Khush, is a 3rd year medical student at Sri Guru Ramdas Institute of Medical Sciences & Research in the culturally and geographically diverse country, India.
Khush has been appointed as the Director of Public Health at AMSA International 2020/21.

Initially, Khush was motivated to join AMSA on getting to know about International Undergraduate conferences. Later, she started getting involved with small public health activities in her college and eventually gained insight and dedication to contribute to public health both regionally and internationally.
Back home, she has previously worked as the Secretary of Marketing & Sponsorships for 2019/20 and Vice Overall Chairperson External at AMSA India for 2020/21. During this pandemic, she has also led an International Women’s Health Team in the Global Grassroots Movement – Students Against Covid, working in lines with SDG 3 & 5.

As the Director of Public Health, Khush is responsible for maintaining official relations with WHO and its Regional Offices, prepare delegations to the Public health conferences and meetings and work in Coordination with the national Directors of Public Health to bring about International public health projects and opportunities to participate in International public health projects working in lines with UN Sustainable Development Goals.
As her first project, Khush prepared the 5 member Delegation of AMSA International to the 73rd Regional Committee meeting of WHO for South-East Asia. A key messgae from the 73rd RC was that all stakeholders of the society need to work together to Sustain Vigilance & engagement of communities in compliance with Public Health Measures, Accelerate the response together and Help Innovate novel ideas to ensure ‘Universality’ of Healthcare.

Vision for the future – To unite all AMSA Chapters to work for joint focus areas of public health, Creating joint global policy statements and advocacy sessions, training young medical professionals about the UN Sustainable Development Goals and working towards bringing in more public health opportunities internationally.


Nadira Nibras Taqiyya

Liaison Officer to Medical Students' Organisation
Nibras's bio

Nadira Nibras Taqiyya, more affectionately known as Nibras, is a fourth-year medical student in Padjadjaran University, Bandung, Indonesia. Best described as a fun-loving, conscientious, and optimistic realist, she loves to be of service and puts high value in genuine human connections. On her downtime, she enjoys playing futsal, writing, socializing, and getting some good sleep (always).
As someone who loves to discover new experiences, AMSA has been the perfect place for her to learn and grow. Since her first year of medical school, Nibras has partaken in and led various local, national, and international projects and activities. Her current position as Liaison Officer to Medical Students’ Organization is well-suited to her passion and beliefs. She hopes to represent AMSA International in the best light while expanding and strengthening connections with fellow medical student organizations.


Rezqita Ramadhani

Liaison Officer to Non-Medical Students' Organisation
Rezqita's bio

Although being a girl from a small city In Indonesia, Rezqita Ramadhani always dreams big. She is a passionate worker and also motivated through her desire to quest, connect, and make an impact in the international community. An upholder of strong values and principles, she always advocates for what she believes in. For her, life is either a great adventure or nothing at all! People affectionately call her Eqi. She’s a 3rd-year medical student from Maranatha Christian University and now she is working as the Liaison Officer to Non-Medical Students’ Organizations.


Nindita Putri

Liaison Officer to GO & NGO
Nindita's bio

I’m Nindita from Indonesia. Currently I’m a 3rd year medical student at Universitas Indonesia. I really enjoy listening to music, socialising with my friends, playing basketball and watching action movies. I am a reliable and sociable person. And I’m also really open to new people and conversation. Feel free to contact me!


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