AMSA International currently has 28 chapters around the globe. These chapters are vital to AMSA International as they are able to identify needs of students in the region and work locally to enrich their medical experience. This is achieved through numerous academic and social programs consistent with AMSA’s mission for Knowledge, Action and Friendship.

In addition, they also serve as the gateway for national delegates to register for AMSA International’s biannual conferences, and AMSC and the EAMSC. For registration, please contact your Regional Chairperson (see Contact Us).


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Full Members


AMSA Australia
AMSA Bangladesh
AMSA China
AMSA Hong Kong
AMSA India
AMSA Indonesia
AMSA Japan
AMSA Kyrgyzstan
AMSA Malaysia
AMSA Mongolia
AMSA Nepal
AMSA Pakistan
AMSA Philippines
AMSA Singapore
AMSA South Korea
AMSA Taiwan
AMSA Thailand

Associate Members


AMSA Egypt
AMSA England

Observer Members


AMSA Kazakhstan
AMSA Macau
AMSA Myanmar
AMSA Northern Ireland
AMSA Palestine
AMSA Scotland
AMSA Uzbekistan
AMSA Vietnam
AMSA Yemen