The Academics subsidiary of AMSA International, is a functional subsidiary of AMSA International, with the purpose to maintain the academic integrity of AMSA International and the “Knowledge” vision of AMSA. The subsidiary has been known to hold biannual competitions on specific topics complying to medical education syllabus.

The Director of Academics (DoA) of AMSA International is the utmost position in the Academics subsidiary, governing the hierarchy. The National DoA of respective chapters have the responsibility to assist the DoA of AMSA International at chapter level and initiate local academic activities. The International DoA along with the National DoA aim to provide a borderless and gratis experience towards of knowledge-transfer to medical students around Asia, Asia-Pacific & beyond. International collaborations are often sought from professional healthcare providers and renown academicians to pull out various academic activities.


(1) To foster the “Knowledge” vision of AMSA through education.

(2) To create an academic environment for synthesis of knowledge andknowledge-sharing.

(3) To facilitate equitable knowledge growth of AMSA Members.

(4) To provide academic opportunities for members of the AMSA Internationalcommunity in-between the annual conferences. 

Subsidiary Activities

 (1) AMSA International eNewsletter Academic Sections
(2) World AIDS Day Competition (September 2015)
(3) World Cancer Day Short Quiz (February 2017)
(4) World Tuberculosis Day Quiz (March 2018)
(5) World Malaria Day Quiz (April 2018)
(6) World Immunisation Week Competition (April-May 2018)
(7) World Hepatitis Day Quiz (July 2018)
(8) World Antibiotic Awareness Week Competition (November 2018)
(9) AMSA International eNewsletter Academic Quiz (November 2018)
(10) World No Tobacco Day Competition (April 2019)
(11) World AIDS Day Competition (September-November 2019)
(12) World Immunisation Week Competition (February-April 2020)
(13) USMLE Webinar (May-June 2020)
(14) World Diabetes Awareness Month Competition (October 2020)
(15) AMSA International Webinar Series: Current Approach towards COVID-19
(October 2020)
(16) AMSA International Webinar Series: Updates on Type 2 Diabetes
Management (November 2020)