Taking Certification Exams From an Asian Country

The Step 1 and Step 2 CK exams are some of the most important exams you’ll take during your medical career. We’ll walk through our suggested resources, why the score is important, and contact information specifically for Asian countries.

Suggested Resources:

Students that take more practice questions score higher on the exam. (Based on several statistically significant studies) The Step 1 and Step 2 Exams are not only fact review, they also challenge you to think through scenarios and clinical problems. This is why practice questions are one of the best modes of review – and why you should take practice questions in both timed and review modes.

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$39 – Step 1 Question Bank (use code AMSA)

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Why the Score is Important:

Performance on the Step 1 is highly correlated with placement into good Residency programs. You are more likely to match into certain specialties based on your score. Here are several sample ranges.

Dermatology: Step 1 Most Common Score Range – 240-255

Orthopedic Surgery: Step 1 Most Common Score Range – 238-253

Otolaryngology: Step 1 Most Common Score Range – 240 – 252


Resources Specifically for Asian Test Takers:

The Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates is available to help answer questions. There is also a dedicated email address and phone number at the NBME for international students:

USMLEreg@nbme.org or call 215-590-9700.

The cost of Step 1 is $590 and the cost of Step 2 is $590. There is also an additional charge – we put together the contact information and surcharges for each country. Rates are current as of 2015.

Testing Locations Contact Phone Number Step 1 Surcharge Step 2 CK Surcharge
Bangladesh +60-3-7628-3333 $150 $165
Australia / New Zealand 603 7628 3333 $150 $165
China 86-10-62799911-1 $150 $165
Malaysia 603-76283333 $180 $205
Philippines +60-3-7628-3333 $150 $165
Indonesia 60 3 7628 3366 $150 $165
Japan 03-5541-4800 $355 $400
Korea +82 2 6206 1232 $180 $205
Singapore +60-3-7628-3333 $150 $165
Taiwan +60-3-7628-3333 $180 $205
Thailand +60-3-7628-3333 $150 $165


Good luck on the upcoming exams! If you need any help, please reach out. We’re here to support you.