Welcoming the new AMSA-International Executive!

AMSA International’s Executive Board is pleased to announce that after our meeting held in Pattaya, Thailand in July 2014, we have elected the new Executive Committee for the 2014-2015 period. Please join us in congratulating the incoming Executive Committee!

Overall Chairperson – Marco Michael (AMSA Indonesia)
Vice Chairperson (internal) – Alex Liu (AMSA Hong Kong)
Vice Chairperson (external) – Aditya Tedjaseputra (AMSA Australia)
General Secretary – Tom Chow (AMSA Taiwan)
Secretary for Membership and Development – Garda Widhi Nurraga (AMSA Indonesia)
Secretary for Finance – Gregory Kwon (AMSA Australia)
Secretary for Marketing & Sponsorship – Rachel Ng (AMSA Australia)
Secretary for Academics – Isra Majeed (AMSA Pakistan)
Chief Editor of the Newsletter- Esther Tan Wan Xian (AMSA Singapore)

Secretary for Publications and Promotions – Ahmad Aulia Rizaly (AMSA Indonesia)
IT Officer – Nadia Perera (AMSA Australia)
Liason Officer for AMDA – Madison Dominguez (AMSA Philippines)
Liason Officer for ASEAN – Tarathya Dharmasaputra (AMSA Indonesia)
Liason Officer for EMSA – Jeeyune Bahk (AMSA UK)
Liason Officer for IFMSA – John Aaron Mendoza (AMSA Philippines)

Liason Officer for WHO – Erica Davillo (AMSA Philippines)
Liason Officer for AMSA Alumni Club – Lim Yi Ting (AMSA Singapore) & Marviken Namseo (AMSA Indonesia)
Editor in Chief JAMSA – Radhian Amandito (AMSA Indonesia)

Thank you very much for dedicating your time and effort for the next one year with AMSA-International. We look forward to your future contributions with us in AMSA-International!

We would also like to express our deepest gratitude to the Executive Committees from the previous 2013-2014 tenure for their efforts and achievements during the past year. Your contributions have definitely shaped AMSA-International as a better, more professional organisation. We hope to collaborate with you again in the future!