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Asian Medical Students’ Exchange Program (AMSEP)

The Asian Medical Student’s Exchange Program – more commonly known as AMSEP – is an integral program unique to AMSA. The program allows members of AMSA to participate in a 5-10 day pre-clinical or clinical exchange to a chapter of their liking. The idea was first established in 2003. After thorough consideration, the first pilot AMSEP was done between Indonesia and Japan in 2006, and that became the foundation of AMSEP ever since. AMSEP utilizes a twinning system, where 2 chapters form a binding contract and perform exchanges bilaterally. Coordinated by their respective Directors of AMSEP, each chapter will take turns hosting and delegating. During the AMSEP, incoming delegates will be accompanied by a group of hosting committee members throughout their stay. The tight-knit relationship and sense of belonging is what makes AMSA distinctive as an exchange program.

The programs and activities during an AMSEP varies, subject to discussion by the involved parties. Nonetheless, AMSEP intrinsicly roots back to AMSA’s philosophy: Knowledge, Action, and Friendship. Key academic components include workshops, keynote lectures, hospital visits, guided hands-on clinical practice, training, academic discussions, learning about the local healthcare or medical education system, etc. Participating students are also expected to give back to the local community through social service activities that employs their medical knowledge. To add, the students will also experience the wondrous cultural aspects of the destination country, which includes visiting iconic landmarks, savouring the local cuisine, and much more. Above all, however, AMSEP allows participants to form life-time, international friendships with those they meet during the exchange.




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