Interested in sponsoring AMSA International?

Since 1985 AMSA International has developed into an eminent medical student organisation, which represents and promotes the interests of medical students throughout the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

AMSA International holds a busy calendar with bi-annual conventions, a medical journal, travel assistance grants, essay competitions and student exchange programs. In addition, each individual AMSA International Chapter holds multiple events during the year for members within their local chapter. AMSA International is also very dynamic, continually venturing for new ideas and opportunities to represent more students in diverse ways.

By supporting AMSA International, you have the chance to address an audience of intelligent and hard working future doctors from across Asia and beyond.

For more details, please see our sponsorship prospectus or contact our Secretary of Marketing and Sponsorship via marketing@amsa-international.org.


Current sponsors

3D4Medical transforms medical learning for students, patients & professionals all over the world. Their highly detailed & accurate 3D medical app’s are developed with the help of leading anatomical experts to bring Anatomy to life. 3D4Medical’s flagship app, Complete Anatomy, takes interactive learning to an exciting new level. The app recently won the prestigious Apple Design Award & has led the app store in 82 countries.
click  here : http://3d4medical.com/apps/complete-anatomy


Board Vitals is the leading question bank for the Medical Specialties.  Used by over 50 institutions in the US, the training platform is the gold standard for test prep for USMLE Steps 1-3, Shelf Exams, and over 30 Medical Specializations. The company offers a pass guarantee on all training modules.

AMSA members can access Board Vitals  Step 1 Question Bank and Step 2 CK Question Bank for only $39 each using the special code “AMSA” (original price $79).


Box Medicine

Box medicine offers high-quality, engaging video tutorials. AMSA Members can use the code “AMSA15” to receive a 20% subscription discount.


Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (LWW) is a leading international publisher of professional health information for physicians, nurses, specialized clinicians and students. LWW provides essential information for healthcare professionals in print and electronic formats, including textbooks, journals, CD-ROMs, and via Intranets and the Internet. Products available include drug guides, medical journals, nursing journals, medical textbooks, and eBooks.

LWW offers a comprehensive line of health-science books and new media with thousands of well-known titles, from reference tools, such as Stedman’s Medical Dictionary and Griffith’s 5 Minute Clinical Consult, to comprehensive research and education Information for medical specialists and students. LWW.com features more than 4,000 titles in over 100 disciplines, content-based sites, and online corporate and customer services. For more information and updates, please visit our Facebook pages atFacebook.com/LWWSEA and Facebook.com/LWWNorthAsia or our main site at LWW.com.


The Fast Facts series aims to advance the practice of medicine by providing clear, understandable and relevant information to healthcare professionals and students. This ultimate medical handbook series covers over 60 topics and titles are available in printed and electronic editions. Dialogue and ideas are welcome, and readers are encouraged to engage with the wider medical community on fastfacts.com, by sharing their Aha! moments on the relevant book pages.

AMSA International members can receive a 20% discount on all fastfacts titles when they enter the code “AMSA” upon purchase at www.fastfacts.com. Fast Facts titles are £15/€18/$25 and in addition to the 20% discount, every fourth title is free.

CRC Press is a global publisher of scientific, technical and medical content, reaching the globe to collect essential reference material and latest advances for researchers, academics, professionals, and students.

We are proud to serve the medical student and academic community by publishing high-quality, cutting-edge books on all aspects of medicine. Our books, which range from textbooks through professional references, are written and edited by leading academics and industry professionals globally.

AMSA International members can receive 20% discount off all books by the publishers under the Taylor & Francis Group and the publishers distributed by the Company. To receive the discount AMSA International members must quote the code GKN12 upon purchase through the website www.crcpress.com, or by referring to GKN12 when ordering by email (marketing@tandf.com.sg)


American  Medical  International  Quality  Training  (AMIQT) is presided by Dr. Peter Bernad, a well-­respected neurologist practicing in the Washington, DC area for the past 30  years.  Partnering  with AMIQT is indeed our pleasure to provide a clinical experience to our members  to  do  rotations  in various specialties under his supervision in the United States.

The validity of the collaboration agreement between AMSA International and AMIQT is for one year, until 3rd week of April, 2017. Adjustments to this collaboration agreement can be made at any time, upon approval of both organizations. Extension of the agreement can be made by approval from both AMSA International and AMIQT. Before the expiry date, amendments to this agreement can be made through discussion and approval from both AMSA International and AMIQT. This agreement can be terminated by either organization at any time, as long as the notice with a detailed explanation of the reasons for this decision are provided three months before the proposed termination date.

The AMSA International Liaison Officer to the AMIQT will be the contact person between AMSA International and AMIQT. The contact person of AMSA International to AMIQT this tenure is Rupesh Pakrasi from AMSA India under supervision of James Tsakisiris, Secretary of Marketing andSponsorhip for the 2015-­‐2016 term. All applications and concerns will be made via him. Any use of the corporate identity of the partnering organization is strictly prohibited.


AMSA is currently under a partnership with Kaplan, allowing members of AMSA International to gain access to materials of Kaplan Medical at a lower price! If you are a amember of AMSA Internationa please feel welcome to take advantage of this.

Click on the banner to learn more about the Kaplan-AMSA International partnership and advanced US training opportunities.


Being a neutral organization, AMSA International will not be responsible for any refunds nor any mishaps incurred by the participants. We are looking forward to a fruitful clinical attachment experienced by our members. For any enquiries, email us at vicechairexternal@amsa-international.org