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AMSA China - Open a window for Chinese medical students!

AMSA-CHINA is a new face among AMSA full members, consisting of 10 medical schools all over China. We aim at broadening the horizon of medical students and building strong friendships between medical schools by holding both academic and social activities. 

In 2016, AMSA-CHINA launched the AMIQT(American Medical International Quality Training) program and organized series of lectures with educational corporations such as Baige and Kaplan both online and offline in order to help more students get international medical training. This year, we will join in AMSEP as a host as well as participator.

Last year, we initiated a nation-wide activities named Kidnapping Your Cellphone, aiming at improving the public awareness of spondylopathy. Furthermore, every medical school of AMSA-CHINA holds their featured activities each year including Teddy Bear Hospital, Bigger Salons and Work Health Assembly. To broadcast the main idea of AMSC/EAMSC each year, we launched post-conference-project nationwide. Over 300 students were involved and effected by the conference. In addition, original thinking are shared in annual chapter meeting when all the members of AMSA-CHINA executive committee and the school directors gather together.

2017 is a new beginning of AMSA-CHINA. By creating increasing opportunities of international exchange or training programs and inter-school communication, we hope to inspire more medical students to become health promoters on an international scale.

To learn more about AMSA-CHINA, please visit our website at www.amsa.tuweia.cn,or our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/AsianMedicalStudentsAssociationChina/ .