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AMSA Hong Kong - the Awareness of Health Issues !

The Asian Medical Students’ Association Hong Kong (AMSAHK) is a student-led organisation that has been jointly run by medical students from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the University of Hong Kong since its inception in 2003. As a founding member of AMSA International, we strive to operate as a prominent part of the worldwide network that connects all medical students, to promote global collaboration, and to facilitate international exposure. AMSAHK aims to unite students from both of Hong Kong’s medical schools in pursuit of a common goal - namely to increase the awareness of health issues on both a local and a global scale.


In 2017, AMSAHK will continue a Research Coffee Chat series, and participate in and host other medical students through AMSEP. Additionally, we will continue a #RemovetheLabel campaign, aimed at understanding the rights and needs of minority groups in Hong Kong. We will also be initiating a mental health awareness week, and a 2-day medical school experience program for high school students, among other events.

Through the organisation of and participation in global conferences, international exchange programmes, and local health campaigns, we hope to engage and inspire the next generation of future medical practitioners. To find out more about AMSAHK, feel free to visit our website at http://www.amsahk.org, or our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/AsianMedicalStudentsAssociationHongKong/.

AMSA Indonesia - the National Action Event of us !

Knowledge, action, and friendship. Those are the three philosophies which AMSA-Indonesia hold on to. In order to carry out those philosophies, each year, AMSA-Indonesia hosts 5 national events, one of which is National Action Event or NAE that emphasizes the “action” philosophy of AMSA. The National Action Event of AMSA-Indonesia mainly consists of an annual national debate competition and social acts.



In 2016, NAE was held on the 9th-11th of December in Banda Aceh, hosted by AMSA-Universitas Syiah Kuala. The theme for this year’s NAE was TRICUSPID (Transforming and Optimizing General Perspective towards Heart Disease).

The three-day event started with a lecture and training on electrocardiography to prepare the participants for the social act. Then, a welcoming party was held.

On the second day, the debaters competed in the preliminary rounds while the other delegates carried out a health campaign in Ceurih Village to educate the locals about the dangers of cardiovascular diseases, the signs and symptoms, and how to prevent them. During the campaign, local villagers were also given free blood pressure measurement by the participants. Furthermore, the residents of the village were also trained to do basic life support after the campaign. After that, all participants went to the Faculty of Medicine of Universitas Syiah Kuala and were given a talk show on research and a training on organizing social acts. To close the day, a farewell party was held and the delegates were welcomed with Aceh’s traditional Saman dance. Later at the party, the newly chosen Ambassadors of Public Health of AMSA-Indonesia and of each district were inaugurated and the finalists of the debate competition were announced.

The participants did social acts by performing free cholesterol, glucose, and uric acid level examinations, blood pressure measurement, and ECG examination on the last day. Furthermore, they also educated the locals about cardiovascular diseases. In addition to the social acts, the final of the debate competition was also held in the third day and the team from AMSA-Universitas Hasanuddin came out as the winner of the annual competition. As the last part of the event, the delegates were given the chance to set out on a tour around the beautiful city of Banda Aceh.

During the event, participants learned to do social acts and helped other people and the debaters trained their English skills and critical thinking in the debate competition. We hope that in the future, the participants of NAE 2016 may give more contributions to the society as medical students and members of AMSA-Indonesia and the debaters may keep their fighting spirit and further improve their skills.