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AMSA Australia - 2017 EAMSC Australia is coming !

AMSA International Australia (AIA) is the premiere student representative body for Australian medical students with an interest in the future of medicine across Asia. Australia is a large beautiful country spanning close to 8 million square kilometres and 3 time zones. From the red sands of the desert Outback, to the white sands of some of the best beaches in the world and the iconic Great Barrier Reef, there is plenty to experience. In 2017, Australia will be hosting EAMSC in January, which will see close to 450 medical students descend on Melbourne for a week of academic competitions, as well as social and cultural experiences centred around the topic of Climate Change Medicine. As a founding chapter of AMSA International, Australia is actively engaged in medical trans-continental partnerships and medical student exchange. In 2017, Australia will once again be participating in Asian Medical Student’s Exchange Program (AMSEP), and will be hosting students from across Asia to experience how medicine is practiced in Australia. With AMSEP currently planned for Sydney and Melbourne with exchange to Hong Kong and Taiwan, there has never been a more exciting time to get involved. To find out more about AMSA International Australia or AMSEP Australia please see our website or connect with us on Facebook and Instagram.

AMSA Singapore - Mutual Support and Cooperation !

Asian Medical Students' Association Singapore is an independent organisation that represents medical students across Singapore, both locally and internationally. In the spirit of mutual support and cooperation, AMSA Singapore aims to encourage and foster collaboration amongst the three local medical schools (NUS YLLSoM, NTU LKCSoM, Duke-NUS), with the goal of providing the best experience for all medical students in Singapore. We also aim to train the young medical students of today to become better leaders and pioneers of tomorrow by exposing them to a myriad of local and international opportunities.

AMSA Thailand - Let's work on Environmental Health !

This year AMSA-Thailand has embarked on a mission to promote environmental health. The environment can influence human health and disease in many ways. With global warming being a growing concern, this month we decided to host an event to raise the awareness of its impacts on human health and how we can prevent it. To achieve this, we gave an interactive lecture to educate AMSA members on the health consequences of climate changes such as extreme heat, natural disasters and the spreading of diseases. We also provided information on how our environment can serve as an alternative source of medical treatment such as herbs and natural remedies, which has significantly increased the healthcare accessibility in many areas of Thailand. Additionally, we emphasized on the role of the mangrove forest in human sustainability and livelihoods. These can certainly be impacted by its alarming deforestation rate due to the climate change. Lastly, all participants had the opportunity to participate in the community services at the which included herb gardening and planting trees at the mangrove forest. We hope that this event will increase awareness of our AMSA members regarding the impacts of climate change, and that they have received hands-on experience on how they can improve their environment, which in turn can improve our healthcare as a whole.

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