World Antibiotic Awareness Week Competition

Awareness is the greatest agent for change, Eckhart Tolle

Antibiotics has always been one of the most commonly used drugs in the world, especially in Asia, but did you know that studies have shown an increase of antimicrobial-resistant patient in countries whose antibiotics usage are not regulated well?

In the present day, the rise in numbers of antibiotic resistant individuals is an emerging problem, especially in the Asia Pacific Region. But how did it happen? The answer is simple: antibiotic misuse. In the Asian society, antibiotics has been regarded as an all-mighty drug, one where a person should take whenever they fall ill and became overused. As a result, these microbes would adapt to the constant exposure and develop themselves into antibiotic-resistant microbes.

For this reason, WHO formed the World Antibiotic Awareness Week as a campaign to increase awareness on antibiotic usage held on 12-18 November. As a form of movement to support this cause, AMSA International proudly present the World Antibiotic Awareness Week Competition, with the theme: “Reducing antibiotic-resistant individuals by reforming our standpoint in the global community.”

Join us! Together let us make this world a better place.