Open Submission for AMSA-International Newsletter Issue #24

AMSA-International Newsletter is finally here! The theme for Newsletter Issue #24 will be:

World Sight Day 2018
“Shining a Light on Eye Health”

With sub-theme as follows:

  1. What’s your take, as a medical student, on raising people’s awareness regarding eye
    health and visual impairment?
  2. How important do you see it is to do an eye screening to prevent visual impairment?
  3. Eye exercise: Is it necessary?
  4. Give us your thoughts and advice on vision wellness! (e.g. Vision wellness in the
    workplace: Tips on how to protect your eyes from digital devices)

Here are several sections that you are able to participate:

  1. Scientific Articles/Articles/Essay/Your Opinions regarding the theme or sub theme.
  2. Your Recent Chapter/University Activities.
  3. Your Chapter/AMSA University Profile.
  4. Culture Corner
  5. Photography

Please contact your Editorial Board team or RC for further information regarding the article
submission guidelines. Submit your works before October 20, 2018, at 23.00 GMT +7