Greetings, People of tomorrow!

We are proud to announce that registrations for 
JUNIOR WORLD CONGRESS-2019 – Reinventing the noble art.

Our now open!

Theme Non-Communicable Diseases 

Dates April 4th – 8th, 2019 

Endorsed by :

World Stroke Organization, 
Indian council of medical research,
World NCD Federation, 
Indian Stroke Association

The five day conference offers delegates a wide range of academic and cultural competitions and global platform to showcase their research and participate in events to win exciting prizes!

Please read our pre conference booklet for all details : 


From research paper presentations to karaoking on medical text, from exciting quizzes to JAM(Just-a-minute), you will get to experience the celebration of culture and art being reinvented at a medical congress like never before!

Academic guidelines shall be released soon.


Please contact your regional chairperson on how to register for Junior World Congress-2019.

Website – www.jwc2019cmc.com

Please feel free to Contact us at  +91 79733-47204

Email us at – publicrelation@jwc2019cmc.com

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