Kaplan Medial : Test Taking Strategies on the USMLE

Dear Doctors,

We personally invite you to come to our Free “Open Day” Event with Dr. Judson C Epperly as a Global Director Kaplan Medical.

In this session we will talk about Overview for beginners to prepare for USMLE exam, and how to enroll Kaplan Medical USMLE preparation. Also we will have a Q&A time for Doctors who want to ask anything about USMLE with Dr. Judson C Epperly.

Meetings are available on:
1. Vietnam : 6/3/18
2. Malaysia : 9/3/18
3. Indonesia : 11/3/18 – 14/3/18
4. China : 16/3/18 – 19/3/18
5. Japan : 21/3/18 – 22/3/18

Seats are limited and only for the invited Doctors can join. For more information, don’t hesitate to ask through the contact information stated on the posters.

See you.