ECCE 2018 Summer School

European Centre for Career Education (ECCE) is a training institution, which focuses on practical education, based in Prague. It provides the additional and needed know-how training and the experiences that are impossible to acquire from the university. Their programs are perfectly complimentary with university education in order to facilitate learning curve needed shortly before or after graduation. ECCE provides its students with internships after the study of its programs in cooperation with companies such as Siemens, Unicredit, T-Mobile, Chapman Taylor, DLA Piper, Clifford Chance, Dentons or PwC.

With research in medicine moving at tremendous speed, how can students keep their knowledge up to date? How often do medical students hear that they will understand the medical world and learn the most only after they enter the real world? It is no secret that out of all areas of education medicine is the most challenging. Universities can never convey all information and often young professionals find that the biggest struggles still await them.

Benefit from the experience of our Summer program and the tailor-made elective in the beautiful Prague in the Heart of Europe. The Summer Program on Medicine offers a vast range of lectures and also internships to choose from.

This year’s program will take place from 9th July until 17th August 2018 in Prague.

Additionally, all of this is done on a European level through internships not only in Prague, but in the entire European Union. For more detailed information, please see their website www.eccedu.org Or you can click these links below to watch their videos

student: https://youtu.be/lsNn9PimxC4
medicine: https://youtu.be/85YNbwbgBtU
partner: https://youtu.be/WWJ2A9UYaPE