Invitation to the Junior World Congress (JWC) India

Come explore our Incredible India!
On behalf of AMSA India, we warmly welcome to you come attend the first Junior World Congress (JWC) being held in Christian Medical College; right here in this land of rich cultural heritage and diversity. 
Our theme this time aims to tackle the increasing burden of Non-Communicable Diseases in recent times owing to lifestyle changes.
The Congress will focus on developing the medical skill set of upcoming doctors in the field of NCDs by engaging them in various academic and cultural events which will no doubt help sharpen their brains but also give them a chance to interact with fellow students across the globe. Delegates will also have a chance to learn from our different keynote speakers, and of course, gain hands-on experience via the different workshops.
The event will be held next year, from 4th to 8th April 2019. So clear up your schedules because the registrations open very soon!
Contact us for more information – 
Tel. : +917973347204
Our Social Media handles -@juniorworldcongress