AMSA Song Competition

Dear People of Tomorrow,

We are excited to announce the launch of the AMSA Song competition!

The AMSA song is the official song and video will be used to officiate AMSA events in all our chapters, both locally and internationally. This competition will be open to both our current members and also our fellow alumni. 


Some basic rules:

  1. Songwriters must be an AMSA member or alumni.
  2. Contestants must send a recording of themselves performing their song and videos to the loamsaac@amsa-international.org in a .mp4 or .wmv format
  3. Each contestant may submit one media only.
  4. The entry will be based on this version of AMSA Song: https://youtu.be/-P10nmV94yk
  5. Contestants can turn it to their version and interpretation or stick to the original.
  6. Songs may have been previously recorded.
  7. The composer(s) must retain all rights to the song.
  8. Entries must be received by July 10.
  9. The winners will be chosen by a panel of judges. All decisions of the judging panel are final.
  10. Judging criteria includes applicability to the contest topic, related to AMSA, and song quality.
  11. It is not necessary to win, but extra consideration will be given to songs that still represent the original message and feelings but provides new creative ways of presentation for AMSA song to be recognisable.
  12. Winners will be notified by email or phone by July 14.
  13. First, second and third place winners will receive a prize.


  • 1st place : $500
  • 2nd place : $300
  • 3rd place : $200

Winners will also recieve recognition amongst AMSA members,have the winning song be professionally recorded and used in every AMSA event afterwards, and a Certificate.

For more information, please contact your Regional Chairperson or Piyarat at loamsaac@amsa-international.org

Good luck to all!


Best wishes,
Piyarat Arunpairojana
Liaison Officer to AMSA Alumni Club (LO AMSAAC)
Email: loamsaac@amsa-international.org
Tel: +660808025817
Skype: proudarun