World AIDS Day and World Health Day Competition Winners

Thank you for your exciting response to our academic competitions this year. We have received numerous creative entries, including those submitted to the World AIDS Day and World Health Day Competitions, which shows how big our potential is.

World AIDS Day Competition ‘Go Zero!’

Essay Competition
1st place: Khizra Maqbool – Pakistan
2nd place: Ayudhea Tannika – Indonesia
3rd place: SM Tajdit Rahman Tanim – Bangladesh

Poster Competition
1st place: Monica – Indonesia
2nd place: Isthi Dyah Pangesti – Indonesia
3rd place: Ahmad Aulia Rizaly– Indonesia
3rd place: Audrey Natalia– Indonesia

World Health Day 2013 Competition ‘The War Against The Silent Killer’

Hypertension Quiz
Hira Moin – Pakistan
Tan Kai Ming – Malaysia
Monica – Indonesia
Muh Junaid – Pakistan
Eka Satya Nugraha – Indonesia

Photo Competition
1st place: Saruul T – Mongolia
2nd place: Anujin B – Mongolia
3rd place: Anudari S – Mongolia
Favorite: Saruul T – Mongolia

Poster Competition
1st place: Rami Abdallah – Egypt
2nd place: Saruul T – Mongolia
3rd place: Adiyakhuu O – Mongolia

Congratulations to everyone, we are looking forward to even more participants and better entries next year! Photo and poster entries will be posted to Facebook, if possible. You can also see them at AMSA-International booth in AMSC 2013 in Kuala Lumpur.

Certificates will be available at AMSC 2013, and will be handed to each RCs to be passed on to the participants.