We welcome Asia–Pacific Dental Student Association (APDSA)

Asia–Pacific Dental Student Association (APDSA) is the brainchild of the Asia–Pacific Dental Federation (APDF) and it was formed since 1968. Besides, APDSA serves as a platform for the dental students from across the Asia Pacific Region to connect and unite as one, while expanding their social circle. 
The first APDSA annual congress was launched in 1969. Over 400 students, professors and graduate doctors from more than 13 countries in the region attend this congress each year, with hosting of the congress rotated amongst member countries. Moreover, APDSA provides a variety of programmes for the Asian Pacific dental students annually, such as lend-a-hand project, idem-apdsa students leadership programme, scientific research competition, physiologic quiz, soap carving competition, APDSJ and others.  Through these activities, the APDSA members can learn and understand more about the future prospects and fields in dentistry which is ever changing and transforming.
Check out their website at: http://www.apdsa.com/ and Facebook HERE