What is the AMSA International Travel Assistance Grant?

The AMSA International Travel Assistance Grant (TAG) Program provides limited travel funding to assist a selected few delegates with the cost associated with attending the conference (i.e. EAMSC 2014 in Seoul, Korea).

What are the rules and regulations of TAG?

  1. Interested delegates should register their interest with their chapter’s appointed Regional Chairperson (RC). The RC will then decide the two most suitable applicants from their chapter and forward their names to the Secretary of Finance.
  2. An applicant can only receive TAG once
  3. An applicant must not have previously attended an AMSA International conference
  4. TAG does not cover the registration fee of AMSC
  5. TAG per candidate will be set at either the maximum of 60% of the cost of travel fares (providing that the cheapest suitable option is chosen) or 600 USD, depending on which is the lower option of these two
  6. TAG is non-transferable and will be given only to the successful applicant. In case the applicant fails to attend the AMSC conference as per the requirements, TAG will be cancelled
  7. Successful applicants must attend at least 80% of the EAMSC conference schedules. The allocated TAG will be given to the applicant in cash (USD) on the last day of the conference if the above regulations are satisfied.
  8. The delegate must submit a report on the conference to the Secretary of Finance by 18th January 2014.
  9. In order to ensure that the applications are written by the applicants themselves, all applications will be checked for any duplication prior to their assessment. Any application suspected and determined to have been duplicated in part or in whole part will be disqualified.

How are successful applicants of TAG decided upon?

Several factors are taken into consideration by the selection committee (comprising the Overall Chairperson and the Vice Chairpersons). These include what the applicant will offer AMSA International in the future, what opportunities attending the conference will provide them and how they will optimise their time at the conference. The selection panel will also consider what the financial status of the country the applicant is residing in, as determined by the tier that the chapter is in. TAG allocation priority is given to tier 3 countries, however requests from other countries will be considered as well. The number of successful applicants will depend on the financial status of AMSA International.


What do I need to do to apply?

To be considered for application, delegates must submit the following:

  • A completed application form
  • A travel and fundraising plans, detailing the cheapest flight and travel options
  • A motivation letter summarising why you deserve to receive TAG and your plans for future involvement with AMSA International
  • A reference letter from the regional chairperson (RC) of the applicant’s chapter

All these documents must be submitted by 25 th October 2013 to Gi Tae Kwon (AMSA International Secretary of Finance). These can either be submitted by the regional chairperson or the delegate themselves via email finance@amsa-international.org. All applications will receive a receipt email, if you have not received a receipt email within 3 working days, please ensure your email successfully sent and that you have the correct email address.

Application Form
Please click here to download the application form.(1.6MB)