Newsletter Issue #20

World Health Day which falls every April 7th, the World health Organisation (WHO) promotes global awareness of a specific health issue and serves to commemorate the day this incredibly influential organisation was founded. This year, the organisation has chosen to shine light on one of the more taboo areas of health care – depression. According to WHO’s recent statistics, the current global figure shows around 300 million people suffering with depression, a shocking increase over 18% since 2005. Considering the urgency of this matter, AMSA International has also joined the world in commemoration. In this edition of the eNewsletter, our members expressed their thoughts on common everyday behaviors happening around us and its association with depression! We also included breathtaking photographs inspired by this issue’s theme by our members, many interesting stories from our members all over the globe and much more!
Check out the newsletter’s latest issue here: https://issuu.com/amsainternational/docs/newsletter_issue_20