Kaplan’s Medical Free Event (Oct)

Don’t miss Kaplan Medical’s FREE event!!
Attend our Biochemistry Lecture with Dr. Sam Turco and learn more about your “Pathway to Residency in the United States.” Get your questions answered during the Q&A Session.
Wednesday, October 18th – 8:00-9:30 AM EST/7PM Jakarta/8PM Kuala Lumpur- Beijing/9PM Tokyo
Wednesday, October 19th – 12AM Jakarta/1AM Kuala Lumpur-Beijing/2AM Tokyo
Wednesday, October 19th – 7AM Jakarta/8AM Kuala Lumpur-Beijing/9AM Tokyo

1) Shane-Japan

2) Eduxpert-Indonesia

3) Nugrahan-Malaysia, Singapore, Nepal, Philippines, Laos, Cambioda

4) B.U.G.-China