J-AMSA Research Contest 2018

  • Eligibility:Any medical student from AMSA Chapters.
  • Paper length:Papers must be a minimum of 1000 words for review paper, 2000 for original, 2000-2500 for review paper and 1500-2000 for case report
  • Bibliography:The research paper must include a bibliography (references) of at least 8 citations and be written in a standard Vancouver format.
  • Judges: Judging will be done by a panel finalized by JAMSA team, the team shall include experts and all papers shall be sent to at least 3 judges.
  • Mentor/Advisor: The student’s advisor/mentor (if any) is required to submit a letter indicating that the majority of the research presented in the paper is primarily the work of the student, done while the first author is a student, and that the contribution from other authors is secondary.


  • Number of authors: If the paper has more than three authors, cover page must also include the detail of each author:
  1. Percentage of technical efforts contributed to the work,
  2. Role of each author, and
  3. A single sentence describing the technical contribution of each author. Failure to provide this letter will result in disqualification.
  • Announcement of Winners: Winners will be announced in early July. Certificate of participation will be awarded to all participants. For paper at 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, special certificates will be issued and their names will be published on JAMSA website as well.
  • Papers Publication: All submissions will be published in JAMSA after proper review process
  • Description of Research Process


  • Cover letter mentioning:
  1. How did you find your sources? (Indexes, databases, Google etc)
  2. How did you select the ones you used?  What criteria did you use?  What was it about these sources that made them appropriate?
  3. Were there sources you identified but decided not to use?  If so, why?
  4. Describe the types of sources used and why.
  5. Discuss outside sources used, if any, such as interviews, other libraries, other institutions or companies, etc.
  6. What, if any, difficulties (e.g. guidance, funding, patient compliance etc) did you run into in doing your research?
  7. What did you learn about research from doing this paper?
  8. Any other information you would like to add to your description of the research process?,


Judging criteria:

  1. Resources used (databases for literature search, location/are of sampling etc)
  2. Variety and appropriateness of sources used
  3. Uniqueness and novelty
  4. Quality of the research process description
  5. Number of authors (The more the author number, the less the score given)
  6. Methodology of study
  7. Analysis and statistical tools
  8. Way of presentation of results


Deadline for submissions: June 1st, 2018


Submit entries at j-amsa@amsa-international.org