ECCE Summer Program offers discount for AMSA members

The aim of the summer school is to present medical students with the latest information from the area that will be attractive to students and complement their knowledge from universities (more below).


The way they have approached the summer program is to not only give students the much needed work experience, but to also prepare them on what awaits them after their studies. For the lecture part of the program, they have chosen topics which are often seen as missing in medical school, such as dealing with difficult patients, etc. The lecturers flies in from all of the world, including Oxford University, the Director of Physicians Committee in Washington, the director of Biotechnology and Biomedicine Center of Academy of science, etc.

Please see http://www.eccedu.org/ and http://www.eccedu.org/en/m-8-medicine for more details. 

Last but not least, AMSA members who apply for the program enjoy a 15% discount on the tuition fee!