Asia-Pacific Medical Students’ Symposium (APMSS2019)

Greetings, People of Tomorrow!

Next winter vacation, Asia-Pacific Medical Students’ Symposium is going to take place in National Taiwan University from 1/20 to 1/26!

Asia-Pacific Medical Students Symposium (abbreviated APMSS) is an academic reunion for medical students around the globe. During the 7-day journey, we have prepared various activities for you to not only pack yourself with the newest knowledge of medical technology but also immerse yourself in the kaleidoscopic Taiwanese culture and society!

“Be The Frontier- An Insight into the Cutting-Edge Medicine” is the theme for #APMSS2019. This time, we focus on the interaction between technology and medicine, discovering the unprecedented medical technology of this very moment. Medicine is not only about the usual textbooks and practice guidelines. With the power of technology, medicine can evolve into a much more advanced science. With a glance into these cutting-edge techniques, perhaps we can imagine the look of future medicine.

Beside these prospective academic speeches, also featured in APMSS2019 are multiple activities to have fun with, such as reality game, emergency relief workshop, environmental design workshop, OSCE, poster presentation and so on, let alone mentioning our day trip as the best chance to enjoy the nature and culture of northern Taiwan!

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