Khushman Kaur Bhullar

Khushman's bio

Khushman Kaur Bhullar, more affectionately known as Khush, is a 3rd year medical student at Sri Guru Ramdas Institute of Medical Sciences & Research in the culturally and geographically diverse country, India.
Khush has been appointed as the Director of Public Health at AMSA International 2020/21.

Initially, Khush was motivated to join AMSA on getting to know about International Undergraduate conferences. Later, she started getting involved with small public health activities in her college and eventually gained insight and dedication to contribute to public health both regionally and internationally.
Back home, she has previously worked as the Secretary of Marketing & Sponsorships for 2019/20 and Vice Overall Chairperson External at AMSA India for 2020/21. During this pandemic, she has also led an International Women’s Health Team in the Global Grassroots Movement – Students Against Covid, working in lines with SDG 3 & 5.

As the Director of Public Health, Khush is responsible for maintaining official relations with WHO and its Regional Offices, prepare delegations to the Public health conferences and meetings and work in Coordination with the national Directors of Public Health to bring about International public health projects and opportunities to participate in International public health projects working in lines with UN Sustainable Development Goals.
As her first project, Khush prepared the 5 member Delegation of AMSA International to the 73rd Regional Committee meeting of WHO for South-East Asia. A key messgae from the 73rd RC was that all stakeholders of the society need to work together to Sustain Vigilance & engagement of communities in compliance with Public Health Measures, Accelerate the response together and Help Innovate novel ideas to ensure ‘Universality’ of Healthcare.

Vision for the future – To unite all AMSA Chapters to work for joint focus areas of public health, Creating joint global policy statements and advocacy sessions, training young medical professionals about the UN Sustainable Development Goals and working towards bringing in more public health opportunities internationally.