Nadira Nibras Taqiyya

Nibras's bio

Nadira Nibras Taqiyya, more affectionately known as Nibras, is a fourth-year medical student in Padjadjaran University, Bandung, Indonesia. Best described as a fun-loving, conscientious, and optimistic realist, she loves to be of service and puts high value in genuine human connections. On her downtime, she enjoys playing futsal, writing, socializing, and getting some good sleep (always).
As someone who loves to discover new experiences, AMSA has been the perfect place for her to learn and grow. Since her first year of medical school, Nibras has partaken in and led various local, national, and international projects and activities. Her current position as Liaison Officer to Medical Students’ Organization is well-suited to her passion and beliefs. She hopes to represent AMSA International in the best light while expanding and strengthening connections with fellow medical student organizations.