Vellia Justian

Vellia's bio

Vellia is currently a fourth-year medical student of Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia. She is the Vice Overall Chairperson (External) of AMSA International 2020/2021.


Passionate in social services and organisational activities, she was an active member of Public Relations and Social Services division in her AMSA-University before working as the Chapter Representative for Indonesia in J-AMSA Editorial Board and later as the Liaison Officer to Medical Students’ Organisations.


Throughout her journey in AMSA, from local to international level, she has participated in and led various events, spanning the gamut from exchange programmes, conferences, to social projects, and training programmes. This is where she found her in-depth interest in developing connections with new people from various backgrounds and cultures. She also believes in the power of collaboration between medical students and various stakeholders in creating meaningful impacts on the community. All of those experiences and opportunities provided by AMSA has motivated her to dedicate herself to AMSA International as the Vice Overall Chairperson (External), hoping to strengthen AMSA International as an organisation through external collaborations, as well as for its members to grow and actualise their potentials from the opportunities ignited.


Beyond her AMSA and medical journey, she has recently discovered a new interest in writing and is currently creating contents to raise awareness about mental health. She adores her dogs, Sushi and Kimchi, back at home and she is always down for culinary adventures.


Don’t hesitate to buzz her if you have any questions or ideas, health-related or not, as she’s open to any discussions.