Jonez Roring

Jonez's bio

Jonez was born in in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta on the 1st of August 1999. He is currently a third year medical student from Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia batch of 2017. He has been part of AMSA-UI since 2018 and is currently an active member in the Public Relations and Social Service division in AMSA-UI. Spending most of his childhood outside Asia, Jonez is familiar with a variety of cultures. He grew up in New Hampshire, USA in a multicultural neighbourhood. Being in company with other people is something Jonez enjoys. Ever since he was young, he finds pleasure being exposed to different backgrounds and ethnics as sharing different opinions and insights is something that interests him. Jonez has extensive experience with interacting with other people as well as he has attended multiple conferences. The scale of the conferences Jonez has attended vary from domestic to international. It has been said that making connections with others is Jonez’s forte. He possesses a friendly personality that is inviting for anyone who approaches him. Now, Jonez currently lives in a suburb close to the Jakarta called Depok where his campus is located. He spends most of his leisure time watching American sports and TV series. Another thing that occupies his free time is playing online games.