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Asia-Pacific Medical Students’ Symposium (APMSS2019)

Greetings, People of Tomorrow! Next winter vacation, Asia-Pacific Medical Students’ Symposium is going to take place in National Taiwan University…

AMSA eNewsletter #24

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AMSA International’s Organisational Booklet 2018/2019

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Open Submission for AMSA-International Newsletter Issue #24

AMSA-International Newsletter is finally here! The theme for Newsletter Issue #24 will be: World Sight Day 2018 “Shining a Light…

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On 1 December 2018, WHO will join global partners to commemorate World AIDS Day under the theme “Know Your Status”. This will also be an occasion to celebrate the 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day – a pioneering global health campaign first initiated by WHO in 1988.

WHO advocacy and communication for World AIDS Day 2018 will aim to achieve the following objectives:

1. Urge people to know their HIV infection status through testing, and to access HIV prevention, treatment and care services
2. Urge policy-makers to promote a “health for all” agenda for HIV and related health services, such as tuberculosis (TB), hepatitis and noncommunicable diseases.

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Today is the World AIDS Day, marking its 30th anniversary! This year’s slogan “Know Your Status” urges all of us to get tested, as about 9.4 million people all over the world, continue to live with undetected HIV.

Stigma and discrimination still deters people from taking an HIV test. Many people only get tested after becoming ill and symptomatic.

We, as medical students of Europe @emsa.europe, Asia @amsa_intl and Africa @official _famsa , come together to encourage all of you to get tested and know your status!

Join us in this World AIDS Day to raise awareness about the importance of knowing our status and calling for the removal of all barriers to accessing HIV testing.

Together, we can be the generation to finally end AIDS!

#WorldAIDSDay2018 #KnowYourStatus #MedicalStudentsGetTested #BeTheGeneration

You can find the links for further reading about the current situation of HIV/AIDS and HIV testing:

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Don’t miss your best chance to
“Be The Frontier- An Insight into the Cutting-Edge Medicine” is the theme for #APMSS2019. This time, we focus on the interaction between technology and medicine, discovering the unprecedented medical technology of this very moment. With a glance into these cutting-edge techniques, perhaps we can imagine the look of future medicine.

Date: 2019/01/20-2019/01/26
Venue: National Taiwan University, College of Medicine
Special Offer for AMSA EBs, LCs etc! Find out more!

Interested in participating? Please visit our websites!
Official Website of APMSS:
Official Facebook Page of APMSS:

Registration as LOCAL student
Registration as FOREIGN student

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The AMSA International eNewsletter is finally here! The theme for the eNewsletter Issue #25 will be:

World Cancer Day 2019
“Battling Cancer – A Fight That Matters”

With sub-theme as follows:
1. What can we do, as medical students, to raise public understanding regarding cancer?
2. How can we protect ourselves and families from cancer?
3. What action should be done by the policy makers to reduce risk factor exposures and to improve prevention and treatment of cancer?
4. Give us your thought and advice on how to support friends and families with cancer!

Here are several sections that you are able to participate:
1. Scientific Articles/Articles/Essay/Your Opinions regarding the theme or sub theme
2. Your Recent Chapter/University Activities
3. Your Chapter/AMSA University Profile
4. Culture Corner
5. Photography

Please contact your Editorial Board team or RC for further information regarding the article submission guidelines. Submit your works before December 29, 2018, at 16.00 GMT.

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