The Public Health subsidiary of AMSA International, emphasises the purpose to uphold and maintain the public health virtues (Action philosophy) of AMSA International. The subsidiary generally functions to coordinate and promote public health activities intended for further development of AMSA International at chapter level, and global health initiatives at international level.

Working together, medical students learn how to serve the community productively with partners, across the country and around the world in settings that are often unfamiliar and challenging. AMSA Community Service Program has been designed on the values of Compassion, Creativeness, Diversity, Excellence. Integrity, Leadership, Professionalism, Respect, Responsibility and Teamwork.

The Director of Public Health (DoPH) of AMSA International is the utmost position in the Public Health subsidiary, governing the hierarchy. The National DoPH of respective chapters have the responsibility to assist the DoPH of AMSA International at chapter level and initiate local public health advocacies. The International DoPH along with the National DoPH aims to bring together the medical students around Asia, Asia-Pacific & beyond to work together around various focus areas concerning Global Public Health and contribute towards improving the health & wellbeing of the surrounding community in general and society as a whole.


(1) To foster the “Action” vision of AMSA through public, international and global health issues.

(2) To train and develop AMSA International members into communitysensitive and skillfully-empathetic future healthcare professionals.

(3) To promote awareness for global health issues & interdisciplinary collaborations for action.

(4) To provide public health opportunities for members of the AMSA International community in-between the annual conferences.


Subsidiary Activities

(1) 69th WHO SEARO RC Observer Delegation [Colombo, Sri Lanka] (September 2016)
(2) 67th WHO WPRO RC Observer Delegation [Manila, Philippines] (October 2016)
(3) 9th Global Conference on Health Promotion by WHO [Shanghai, China] (November 2016)
(4) 70th WHO SEARO RC Observer Delegation [Maldives] (September 2017)
(5) 68th WHO WPRO RC Observer Delegation [Queensland, Australia] (October 2017)
(6) AMSA-IFMSA Joint Online Campaign: Mental Health in Asia Pacific Medical Students (May 2018)
(7) Establishment of Asian Medical Students’ Association Community Service [AMSACS] (July 2018)
(8) 71st WHO SEARO RC Observer Delegation [Delhi, India] (September 2018)
(9)69th WHO WPRO RC Observer Delegation [Manila, Philippines] (October 2018)
(10) WHO Health Literacy Webinar (September 2019)
(11) 72nd WHO SEARO RC Observer Delegation [New Delhi, India] (September 2019)
(12) World Antibiotic Awareness Week (November 2019)
(13) AMSA-FAMSA-EMSA World AIDS Day Campaign (December 2019)
(14) 73rd World Health Assembly [WHA] Delegation [Geneva, Switzerland] (May 2020)
(15) 73rd WHO SEARO RC Observer Delegation [Bangkok, Thailand] (September 2020)
(16) 71st WHO WPRO RC Observer Delegation [Manila, Philippines] (October 2020)
AMSA-FAMSA (EMSA, IADS, IVSA) World Antibiotic Awareness Week (November 2020)