Application for AMSA International Executive 2015-2016

Applicant Information


EC Positions

  • Please select the positions you are interested in applying for. 'Position 1 is your preferred position and Position 2 is your second option in the case you are not selected for your preferred position. Please read the job descriptions carefully.

Notable Participation in AMSA




Organizational Knowledge

    Please explain your strategies and plans for the positions that you are applying for. (ONLY 200 words for each position)


Problem Solving

    Please explain a problem that you might face and how to solve it for the position that you are applying for (ONLY 200 words for each position)


Supporting documents

  • Please follow the naming convention for your files:
    Recommendation letter "RC_[full name].doc" or "RC_[full name].docx"
    Faculty letter "Faculty_[full name].doc" or "Faculty_[full name].docx"
    Photo ".jpg"




  • Please fill in the verification below. This is a precaution against automated entries and malware. Upon successful submission, you will see a confirmatory screen and be sent an email. Thank you for your interest in joining the AMSA-International Executive Committee!