AMSA International Day: 15 March 2013

Can’t make it to EAMSC or AMSC but want to experience what it’s like to attend a conference? Want to experience and participate in and international event right in your own chapter? For a certain time period ALL AMSA CHAPTERS will be holding events pertaining to ONE COMMON THEME and then everything will be released online on ONE DAY. This will be the event of the year!

AMSA International is one big family – even though land and seas separate us. We are united by our vision of Knowledge, Action and Friendship. However, as each chapter carries out its activities independent of other chapters, we often forget this precious relationship we share within AMSA International. Thankfully, we have the twice-yearly AMSA conferences (the East Asian Medical Students’ Conference and the Asian Medical Students’ Conference)… but there are limited spaces for medical students to attend such conferences.

We will be celebrating the first ever AMSA International Day – because every chapter is different, there is no fixed date for the physical celebrations BUT there is a fixed date for ONLINE celebrations (where true synchronization across borders is possible). What do we mean by “online celebrations”? Everything related to AMSA International Day will be released online on the single date of 15 March 2013!

Prior to the online AMSA International Day, each chapter will choose its own preferred way of way of festivities (according to their local culture). Even though medical students from different chapters are not able to physically meet up, we envision that they will be inspired knowing that other chapters have or will be celebrating AMSA International Day as well.

In addition, AMSA International Day also serves as an impetus for medical students from different universities within the same chapter to come together. We applaud the efforts of chapters who already organize activities to do so, but we want to encourage even more chapters to bring medical students from different part of the same country together!

The theme for AMSA International Day is

Community Medicine

This is also the theme for the Asian Medical Students’ Conference (AMSC) 2013 – the common theme allows for more continuity of any work that has been started during AMSA International Day to persist until AMSC 2013 and beyond. This is also a meaningful theme that allows medical students to consider their roles in serving the community.

The celebrations for AMSA International Day can take on ANY form, based on each chapter’s preference, and we’re really excited to see how things turn out! In fact, celebrating AMSA International Day can even span days (as contradictory as that sounds). Anything is possible as long as chapters adhere to the vision of Knowledge, Action and Friendship

Knowledge – This includes activities that enhance the knowledge of the medical students (e.g. lectures or interactive workshops; presentation of research work by AMSA members; presentation of work done for the International Research Task undertaken by AMSA International; discussions; group presentations

Action – Community service or giving back to the community must be emphasized (e.g. fundraising through the AMSA International Day celebrations, sharing of community work done in various universities within AMSA)

Friendship – Most importantly, when the medical students come together, they must have FUN and make new friends (E.g. with medical students from other universities or from other years)

So stay tuned for the 15 March 2013, to find out what the various chapters have done, and to celebrate the rich diversity we have in AMSA International!