Marjorie Ong Jia Yi


Marjorie is a fourth year medical student of The National University of Malaysia, from Penang, Malaysia. The Overall Chairperson of AMSA International 2020/2021.
She was born at the Pearl of the Orient. Though to much surprise, she does not carry much of an oriental character. A chameleon is by far the best spiritual reptile to describe her character as a whole – innovative and ambitious, yet assertive.
Born and raised of mixed heritage, she is always curious and attracted to the different cultures of Asia, and the other parts of the world. She can converse in various Asian languages and possess multiple artistic secrets that are yet to be unfolded. She is indeed a qualified individual to lead AMSA International
Clinically and academically, she has contributed in many writing works for various local industries – healthcare, governance and tourism. She has always loved writing and is grateful to be appointed as content providers to many writing projects of her country since 2015. 
Her past working experiences have efficiently helped her rebrand the AMSEP subsidiary through her national service as National DoAMSEP of AMSA Malaysia Tenure 2018/2019 and international service as DoAMSEP of AMSA International Tenure 2019/2020. Being elected as the OC of AMSA International, she hopes to make AMSA greater with the enhancement of legislative documents, identity and structure.