Davyna Abysha Gunasegharan

Davyna's bio

Davyna Abysha, currently a third-year medical student, is the Director of Asian Medical Students’ Exchange Programme (AMSEP) International. Originating from a country that’s known for its ethnic diversity, beautiful Malaysia, Davyna strongly believes that AMSEP should be as diverse as well – by encouraging various nations across the Asian region to be a part of the most anticipated exchange programmes. This year, with 18 AMSA Chapters participating in AMSEP, Davyna hopes to bring AMSEP to greater heights by expanding the circle and getting more chapters to be a part of the AMSEP family. All physical exchanges have been put to halt in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, she works hard with her team of National AMSEP Directors to ensure the best out of the virtual exchanges held within AMSA and with other medical student organisations such as the European Medical Students’ Association (EMSA) and the Federation of African Medical Students’ Association (FAMSA). Being a steadfast and strong-willed individual, Davyna has implemented several improvements to her university’s AMSA board. These improvements include publishing a local AMSA Guidebook in hopes to provide efficient training to the local AMSA board’s successors.

Apart from being medically-engaging in academics, Davyna’s personal hobby revolves around writing and journaling. To date, she has written in opinionated articles and has gotten some of her work published nationally. As she is an untiring advocate for education equity, Davyna is also a volunteering teacher who aspires to empower young children by providing structured and

sustainable reading programmes through a national organisation. Otherwise, Davyna enjoys impromptu coffee sessions with good company and wishes to venture into photography someday.

Meanwhile, just like everyone else, Davyna is strongly hoping for the global health situation to improve to sustain the nature of AMSEP in being held physically. Above all, she hopes that everyone is coping well amid the pandemic and mentions that she’s always down for a conversation!