Helena Arnetta Puteri


Helena's bio

Date of appointment as RC: 6 September 2020 

Arnetta is a third-year medical student from the Faculty of Medicine, Universitas
Indonesia. Currently the Regional Chairperson of AMSA-Indonesia 2020/2021,
Arnetta has been active in AMSA since the first year of medical school. Starting as a
member of the Public Relations and Social Services division in AMSA-Universitas
Indonesia, she continued to explore AMSA beyond her university.

With a strong passion in community service and public health, Arnetta ran to become
the Ambassador of Public Health of AMSA-Indonesia. During her tenure as the
Ambassador of Public Health of AMSA-Indonesia 2019/2020, Arnetta was able to
shed light on issues that are often plagued by a lack of public understanding and
misconceptions. Further driven by her love for AMSA and the desire to give back to
the organization that has become her home, Arnetta pursued the Regional
Chairperson Candidacy in 2020. As the Regional Chairperson of AMSA-Indonesia
2020/2021, she hopes to ignite the potentials of medical students throughout the
nation by expanding opportunities for members to grow and develop in AMSA.

For any questions or discussions, feel free to contact her through the contact details
listed on this website.