Desai Parth Sachin



Desai's bio

Date of Appointment as RC: 01/07/2020

I am a 5th year medical student , studying in International Higher School of Medicine , Bishkek. I have been a member of the AMSA-Kyrgyzstan since its inception and have been instrumental in every ups and downs of the AMSA-Kyrgyzstan. The determined and energetic nature of AMSA-Kyrgyzstan has always driven me to contribute and serve in association locally, nationally and internationally.

I am very passionate about my work and responsibility and I am deadline and result oriented. Some of my skills include leadership , accountability and teamwork.

I served my chapter from a General Member in initial stages, then I was a member of the Executive Board and currently I am serving as the Regional Chairperson of our chapter. My current position as RC of AMSA-Kyrgyzstan has given me first hand experience in the challenges associated with the development
and implementation of ideas, decisions etc.

I believe that We all together can make wonders in the history
of AMSA-Kyrgyzstan ! Be united and supportive to each other !