Daniell Edward Raharjo

Daniell's bio

When not binging on Netflix shows or Youtube videos, Daniell Edward Raharjo is renowned for his
passion in graphic design. Designing posters and Instagram posts have become much like a routine for this
budding, doctor-to-be. He finds art and design as a special way to apply his time outside of medicine while in
the midst of a hectic medical school life. Aspiring to give AMSA International as fresh new face, he decided
to take the role as Director of Publication and Promotion—enabling him to reinvent AMSA International’s
identity as a non-governmental organization.

Peering back in time, his journey in AMSA had officially begun since his second year of medical
school in Universitas Indonesia, during which he took roles as the Director of Finance in his local university,
became part of the National Research Team in AMSA-Indonesia, and contributed as one of the members of
the eNewsletter Editorial Board—his first glance of AMSA International. Last year, he took greater
responsibility as the Director of Academics as another outlet of his interests in academia. Now in his fourth
year, his passion in AMSA International has pushed him to continue his path in AMSA International as the
Director of Publication and Promotion.

Furthermore, wedged between his tight schedule between organizations and competitions, he takes
pleasure in what everybody else does: watching movies and TV shows, chilling to mellow music, and lounging
around on the bed before inadvertently falling asleep. Among his hobbies, he takes special interest in drawing
(which you would find him doing any time during a mundane lecture), graphic design, as well as skating—
whether on ice or wheels.