Chairperson’s Address

Dear people of tomorrow,


On behalf of the Asian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) International, I am deeply honored to express my warm welcome and to offer you all a miniature of our vibrant organization through this website.

AMSA International, officially founded in Manila, Philippines in 1985. Since then, we have been an active medical organization by the students and for the students, and is non-profit, non-political and non-governmental organization. We aim at establishing a platform for medical students to communicate at national and international levels, as well as creating opportunities to exhibit your abilities and explore your potential.

Today, with 26 member chapters and thousands of members and alumni, AMSA lives up to its reputation as the top representative organization for medical students from across Asia-Pacific and beyond.

The East Asian Medical Students’ Conference (EAMSC) and Asian Medical Students’ Conference (AMSC) are one of our key focuses, which are held biannually in January/February and July/August, receiving over 700 delegates per year. The five to seven-day event is an excellent opportunity for intellectual exchange on path-breaking scientific research and to find out more about different cultures. Meanwhile, AMSA also has an active student exchange program between chapters, allowing delegates around the world to immerse themselves in a foreign culture, learn about the healthcare system of another country and build lifelong international friendships.

In addition to improving access to international exchange for current medical students, AMSA is committed to preparing qualified personnel for the future medical community. AMSA serves as a bridge by maintaining a close connection and collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO), the Association of Medical Doctors of Asia (AMDA), the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), AMSA Alumni Club, and many other health-related organizations.

AMSA also undertakes projects at both national and international levels, provides humanitarian assistance in times of need, expresses thoughts and concerns of medical students via our Newsletter, and produces regular student publications through the Journal of Asian Medical Students’ Association (J-AMSA).

AMSA realizes the responsibility that our generation is expected to take and keeps moving forward. In the years to come, we are determined to make noteworthy progress in the direction of our goals, initiating student-led projects to spread medical knowledge to the youth and the community at large. We hope to expand our organization and strengthening our bond with partner organizations in order to offer more opportunities to our fellow students.

The diverse and unique nature of AMSA attributes to our triune vision: Knowledge, Action, and Friendship. We are keen on implementing and initiating knowledge-enriching programs in clinical medicine and public health, such as cross-cultural research projects and academic competitions at our conferences. Likewise, we are concerned about the quality of life and social well-being of our fellow citizens, and are thus driven to raise public awareness on all health-related issues. Finally, through our plethora of activities, we hope to cultivate international friendships among our colleagues of the Asia-Pacific and beyond.

With this website, we hope to provide a convenient way for you to understand our organization. We are eager for you to discover the endless possibilities that AMSA and its members offer. It is my great pleasure to extend our warmest invitation to all medical students around the world who share the same passion to join us!

AMSA is not merely a student-led association, but also a family where like-minded doctors-to-be all belong.

Should you have any questions regarding AMSA International, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at or

Thank you!

Xinyuan Liu
Overall Chairperson
AMSA International 2016-17