Annual Conferences


Asian Medical Students’ Conference (AMSC) and East Asian Medical Students’ Conference (EAMSC) are AMSA-international’s biannual conferences with participation of more than 400 medical students from Australia, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, India, China, Mongolia, Nepal, Singapore, Pakistan, United Kingdom, and Ukraine.

Comprised of academic, cultural and social programs, AMSC and EAMSC provide opportunities for medical students from Asia and Oceania to meet and discuss about their research and current issues in the world of medicine. It is also an avenue to learn and experience in the cultures and traditions of different countries. The conference lasts for a week, a week that transforms strangers into lifelong friends, and thus establishes a strong network among the medical students in Asia and Oceania. This network serves as a support group for these future doctors and a stepping stone for future cooperation in Medical programs.

More importantly, AMSC and EAMSC are important tools to encourage medical students to think out of their text books, to challenge them to be proactive and to speak out, to cultivate social awareness and to help them grow and become a balanced doctor who practices the science as well as the art of medicine. Throughout the years, AMSC & EAMSC has changed the lives of many and contributed substantially to the development of medical students in this Region.